IDA Executive Committee

In addition to the IDA Board we find the IDA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has the following tasks:

- to support IDA's Center Leader in relation to the operation and the prioritization of IDA's activities.

- to submit assessment and prioritization of projects to be supported through IDA to the IDA Board's final approval.

- to prepare topics for discussion in the IDA Board

- to prioritize funds from the IDA grant to individual activities according to the agreed budget and within the overall framework of IDA.

- to ensure the reporting of the project to the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education


As of June 2017 the IDA Executive Committee consists of the following 8 members:

Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard (IFA)

Jens Hjorth (NBI)

Allan Hornstrup (DTU)

Jes Jørgensen (NBI)

Mads Toudal Frandsen (SDU)

Ditte Slumstrup (IFA)

Heidi Korhonen (NBI)

Desiree Della Monica Ferreira (DTU)