Annual National Astronomy Meeting 2016

Annual Danish Astronomy Meeting 2016, Sandbjerg Estate, 14-15 June 2016.

The astronomy community in Denmark is diverse, with lots of exciting research happening at several institutions and in a variety of groups and centers. The Annual Meeting brings together astronomers and astrophysicists from across Denmark. It provides a forum for networking, where we can explore how to work together and support the community in general, and the opportunity to update each other on the latest developments in our fields of research.

This year’s meeting will be different from previous meeting in two respects.

1) The meeting will include a mini workshop, the first day being dedicated to the future of Danish astronomy.

2) A PhD prize will be awarded to the most scientific outstanding PhD defended in 2015.

The future of Danish astronomy: The idea with the mini workshop is to define, formulate and discuss the most important issues that Danish astronomy will face in the next decade. In this work, we will have specific focus on having a constructive discussion between people at various seniority levels, in different research fields and from different universities. We will have facilitator Niels Jerl to help us lead the workshop.

For the PhD prize we invite all supervisors for PhD students that defended their thesis in the calendar year 2015 to send a letter of support for the student to before 13 May 2016. The prize committee will be the SOC, and the only evaluation criteria will be scientific excellence.

Participants are encouraged to submit an extended abstract, which will include a picture of them and one scientific figure with a caption. The abstracts will be printed in a Conference Book, which should then be able to serve as a ‘Who is who’ in Danish Astronomy. It is recommended that researchers submit an abstract, even if they are not coming to the meeting. This latex template should be used for the abstracts - or send it along as a pdf. If you want us to reuse an abstract from last year, please indicate this when you register. Deadline 7 June.

Participants are also encouraged to bring a poster, and there will be a dedicated shotgun presentation and poster session. The size of the poster should be A0 - 120x85. Please send an email to by 7 June at the latest and let us know, if you will bring a poster. 

If you want to give a talk please send a one-page abstract to by 9 May at the latest.

The meeting will take place at the Sandbjerg Estate, located in the southern part of Denmark.