Annual Danish Astronomy Meeting 2017

The astronomy community in Denmark is diverse, with lots of exciting research happening at several institutions and in a variety of groups and centers. The Annual Meeting brings together astronomers and astrophysicists from across Denmark. It provides a forum for networking, where we can explore how to work together and support the community in general, and we have an opportunity to update each other on the latest developments in our fields of research.

At the annual meeting we will have an election for the IDA Board. This process is new and is connected with the renewal of IDA's funding with the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education. We look forward to welcome new members of the Board and we hope that a lot of young researchers will take part in the election. More information about the process will follow.

This year we will also invite three researchers who defended their PhD in 2016 to present their research projects. One of these researchers will be awarded the IDA PhD prize for the scientifically most outstanding PhD thesis defended at a Danish university in 2016. 

The registration deadline has now passed.